Rapper Swords by Frank Lee

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The Swords

  • Hand made, with blades of the finest available spring steel.
  • Swivels specially designed to provide a good grip, essential in 'baskets'.
  • Swivels fitted with brass bearings at either end.
  • Fixed handles fitted with screws and special nuts and collars - no more troublesome gaps between the blocks and the blades.
  • Swords made to any length required.
  • Handles to your own design, if required, usually at no extra cost.
  • Owner's initials stamped on fixed handles at no extra cost.
  • All sets of swords are numbered (individually and as sets) and dated.
  • Swords can be re-bladed.
  • Free conveniently boxed rust inhibitor with each set.

These rappers are made by the traditional method to the traditional design.  They have improved double bearings in the swivels, and screwed-on fixed handles to facilitate re-blading, but otherwise follow the old Tyzack pattern.  This means the swords have hand-forged and welded bolsters, and the blades are riveted into place.  The overall weight of the swords is thus reduced to the minimum, so the swords can safely be used in competition without fear of locks collapsing under the weight of the swords.   

The fixed handles are screwed using specially made fittings, and have parallel sides to allow them to turn comfortably in the hand. 

The wood used for the fixed handles is English elm.  This has an excellent strength/weight ratio and its interlocked grain makes it particularly resistant to the rough treatment often meted out to it.  If, nevertheless, they do become worn and damaged through time, they are easy and cheap to replace.  The swivels are made from beech, another tough and strong wood, but which takes a better finish than elm when turned in the lathe.  All wood is stained black, using a stain which does not stain hands!  This means it stays looking attractive throughout its life. 

Rapper dancers don't need to be told that the steel used in the blades has to withstand the sort of treatment any metallurgist would describe as 'silly'.  The steel I specify has been tried and tested over many years, it gives a long life unless you really are silly and scrape them on concrete dancing surfaces!  Most importantly, when metal fatigue does get the better of the steel, it breaks in one place.  Harder steel has been known to shatter like glass, causing flying fragments and injury. Having been a witness to this I have no wish to have this kind of mishap on my conscience!  The blades can be replaced, as can any part of the swords, meaning you never have to match your initial outlay again. 

 Swords of my manufacture have been in use for 36 years now, and over 300 teams use them worldwide. 

Rapper Dance TeamsUsing Rapper Swords by Frank Lee

Ancient Men
Bishop Gundulph's Sword
Black Boy Rapper
Candyrapper (USA) Carlisle Sword & Clog Castle Keep Rapper CDSS. (USA) Cleator Moor Juniors School Charles River Rapper. (USA) Chichester Martlets Clydeside Rapper Crook Morris Crown Rapper Cutting Edge. (USA) Cynthia Merril School. (USA) Danish Students' Folkdance Grp Dark Horse Rapper Demon Barber Roadshow Dorset Buttons Durham University Dvorna. (Czech Republic) East Saxon Sword Elmhurst School for Dancing Exeter University Fairholme School Faithful City Rapper Felicity Garland Dancers. (USA) Fiddle 'n' Feet.(USA) Finedon Rapper Forest of Dean Morris Fylingdales Juniors' School Gaorsach Rapper
Gay Blades Rapper. (USA) Goathland Plough Stots Grand Union Green Oak Morris Grenoside Griggstown Lock. (USA) Heage Windmillers Helston Tatters Hexham Morris Horwich Morris Hungarian Festival Director Icknield Way Morris Insword Iron Men & Severn Guilders Iron Mountain Sword. (USA) Jack the Rapper. (Norway) Jockey Morris Kaleidoscope. (USA) Kesteven Morris Killingworth Sword Dancers King Stone Rapper Lamb & Flag Larks Hill London Contemp. Dance School Mabel Gubbins Maltby Comprehensive School Maltby Festival Maltby Phoenix Manchester Morris Men Maroon Bells (USA) Mendip Morris Men of Swayns Ey Mersey Morris Men Minnesota Duck or Grouse. (USA) Molongolo Mayhem. (Australia) Monkseaton Morris Mons Meg Morpeth Middle School Moulton Morris Men Newcastle Kingsmen North British Sword North Curry Mummers Northampton Folk Dance Club Norwich Elementary Sch. (USA) Oakville Ale & Sword. (USA) Oberlin Morris & Sword (USA) One Day Rapper Owlswick Morris Pateley Longsword Pengwyn Rapper Pleiades Ravensbourne Red Rose Rapper Rogue Rapper.( USA) Rockingham Rapper Royal Ballet School Ryknild Rabble The Sage Gateshead Sallyport Sandbeck Rapper Scrambled Six. (USA) Seven Stars Shake those Bones. (USA) Sharpe Sword Shore Tars Rapper Silver Flame South Shore. (Nova Scotia) Steel Phoenix Rapper. (USA) Stevenage Sword St. Monday's Sword Stone Monkey Rapper Sweet Rapper Sword Dance Union Swords of Gridlock. (USA) Thrales Triskele Twisted Steel Utrechts Morris. (HOLLAND) Velocirapper. (U.S.A) Verulam Rapper Warwick University Wesleyan Rapper. (USA) Westrefeda Whip the Cat. Wickersley Sports College Will C Wood High School. (USA) World Dance Theatre. (USA) Wype Doles