Rapper Swords by Frank Lee

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Sword Manufacture

All swords are individually hand made. The tabs below show some of the manufacturing stages involved

Making the Swivel Handles

Beginning to shape the handle from a prepared blank. A home-made gadget behind the blank monitors diameter at various points along the length. Rapper Handles 1
Rapper Handles 2 The swivel handle is now beginning to take shape
Turning my signature 6 grooves using a tool fashioned from a Landrover roller bearing. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two handles have escaped with 5 or 7 grooves after late night rapper crawls. Rapper Handles 3

Fixed Handles

Fixed handles being sawn from an elm plank in the Hallbankgate workshop. Fixed Handles
The capstan for fixed handle nuts

The 'capstan' for making the fixed handle nuts. 

French 'apprentice' Vincent Canova making fixed handle nuts in exchange for English lessons! 

Making Fixed Handle Nuts


Corrie forging bolsters in the back yard. The forge, fashioned from a lorry brake drum and a vacuum cleaner, is on the left. The forge
Bush Manufacture

Japanese friend Aya Ito helping out with brass bush manufacture.




Some Miscellaneous Workshop Pictures & Techniques

Straightening a bent gate! Bent Gate